1. Farm History Center

Built in 1997 on the former site of a cow barn, the Farm History Center is the only modern building here at Oak View. The Farm History Center provides visitors with an orientation to the park, along with information and exhibits on North Carolina’s agricultural history.

Along the wall is a mural and timeline titled “Change Over Time.” This mural depicts North Carolina’s agricultural history from the sixteenth century to the modern era. See if you can identify how agriculture and farming in North Carolina has changed over time.

The Farm History Center also contains the popular “Farmer’s Corner,” an interactive area designed to teach children about agricultural life in the early 20th century through hands-on activities, games, puzzles and books.

In another corner of the building, you can take a look inside an authentic sharecropper’s cabin, furnished to interpret the lives of sharecroppers in both the 1890s and the 1940s. For more information about the sharecropper’s cabin, dial 21.

For information about self-guided activities available in the Farm History Center, dial 22.