10. Main Farmhouse

Built in 1855 by the Williams family, the original Greek Revival style farmhouse was an I-frame house with a central hallway surrounded by two rooms downstairs, and two rooms upstairs. The Greek Revival architectural style was very popular during the early 19th century. Elements of the Greek Revival style that are visible from viewing the outside of the Main House include the paneled columns, double portico (or two story porch), the triangular pediment, corner square window details, dentil molding, and symmetrical design. The house has undergone several additions over time. The size of the house was greatly expanded in the 1940s when the Poole family built an addition to the side of the house in the Colonial Revival style of architecture. Colonial Revival elements include the gable and shed dormer windows, a bay window, as well as other asymmetrical features.

As you enter the house, you’ll walk through the double portico columned front entrance, and arrive in the foyer. Both the entrance and the heart pine floors are believed to be original to the house. You’ll also notice the “I-frame” layout of the house, meaning there is a central hall (the foyer) with a room on each side. The room to your left, the west room, functioned as a parlor.

To learn about the parlor, dial 27