12. Tenant House

Throughout the early 20th century, there were between four and six tenant houses here at Oak View. The last of the original tenant houses was torn down in the mid-1980s, shortly after Wake County bought the property. Following the Civil War, some of Oak View’s former slaves remained working on the farm: Walt Williams and his wife Lucy were sharecroppers or tenant farmers on Clinton Williams’ land, and also bought land from him in 1877.

It appears from the 1900 Census that there were six tenant houses on the farm: one of the tenant farming families who lived at Oak View during this time include Quint and Corrina Faribault. Tenant farmers worked as laborers, with farm managers George W. Williams and then James A. Jones supervising an extensive cotton-producing operation that was later converted to truck farming following the boll weevil infestation.

As a way to add further historical interpretation and explore the lives of the former tenant farmers here at Oak View, this tenant house was moved to the park in September 2012. Built in 1870 and originally located eleven miles away in Wendell, NC, it is located where an original Oak View tenant house once stood.

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