26. Interstate 440

While today Oak View is located only a few miles away from the center of downtown Raleigh, throughout much of its history the farm existed on the outskirts of Raleigh, as part of the rural countryside. To make the city more accessible by automobile, in 1954 the Raleigh Department of Planning designed the construction of the Raleigh Beltline. The first section of the road opened by 1960, and in the 1970s construction began to incorporate the south side of Raleigh. By the 1980s, Raleigh was in desperate need of roads that could alleviate the congestion of downtown Raleigh, and so several existing roads were combined with new elements to create Interstate 440, named the Cliff Benson Beltline in honor of a highway commissioner integrally involved in the process. I-440 cut through a swath of the Oak View land, including the pecan grove, but also brought Oak View more in touch with downtown Raleigh. Today, Oak View is within city limits and a once rural area has turned into growing residential and commercial area. Even today, Raleigh’s infrastructure is continuing to expand to accommodate the growth and development of the city.