31. The Family Room

As you leave the dining room through the far doorway, you will enter a wing that was added by the Poole family in 1940. Cross through the hall with the bay window, and continue down a few steps into the next room, the East Room, or family room. Although the Poole family did not own Oak View for very long, they made considerable architectural changes and technological improvements to the house, such as building an indoor kitchen and adding electricity. They also added this living room to the east side of the house. Note the wormy chestnut wood paneling on the walls. Blight around the turn of the 20th century killed the trees and left the worm holes you see here, causing the American Chestnut tree to become virtually extinct. The floor of the room may look like Italian stone tile, but is actually just a concrete slab painted to resemble tile, using a technique called “trompe l’oeil” or “trick of the eye.”

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