33. Dedication Stone

In 1984, Wake County bought 72 acres of Oak View land for the purpose of building an office park. The 17 acres encompassing the farm house, outbuildings, and the pecan grove were slated for demolition. Recognizing the historical significance of the site, a group of interested people formed a committee to save the property, appealing to the Wake County Board of Commissioners to intervene on behalf of Oak View. The commissioners formed the Oak View Restoration Steering Committee. Made up of citizens and county staff, the committee oversaw the campaign to restore the historic buildings and interpret the land as a historic site. Oak View was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991 and in 1995, Wake County Parks, Recreation, and Open Space took over the site and opened it to the public. Historic Oak View was the first historic site to become part of the Wake County Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces division.